Squid Salad with Artichokes


Mini potato, 50 g
Cherry Tomatoes, 50 g
Chilled squid, 100 g
Pickled artichokes, 50 g
Garlic, 2 medium cloves
Fresh parsley, 5 g
Fresh spinach, 7 g
Chard, 7 g
Fresh arugula, 7 g
Flying fish roe, 10 g
Olive oil, 10 ml
Green oil for decoration, 5 ml
For green oil:
Parsley, 50 g
Vegetable oil, 50 ml

We prepare green oil. Combine parsley and oil in a bowl, pierce with a blender, filter through a sieve. Pour into a convenient container.

Boil mini potatoes, cool, peel and cut into 4 parts. Cherry tomatoes are cut in half. Kalmar cut arbitrarily, artichokes – into 4 parts. Finely chop fresh parsley.

We heat the pan with olive oil and garlic, add artichokes with potatoes first, fry until golden brown. Add squid to artichokes and potatoes, fry literally 1-2 minutes. Add the cherry and parsley. Keep a little on fire, then remove. Leaves of arugula, spinach and chard season with olive oil.

Serve. We spread the artichokes, potatoes, cherry, squid on a plate, spread the seasoned salad of leaves on top. We arrange flying fish caviar (optionally) along the edges, with green oil and serve.